Confidentiality and Security Promised! Opening in 2021!
Confidentiality and Security Promised! Opening in 2021!

About Sentinel Vaults Ltd.

About the Firm

Sentinel Vaults Ltd. is a safe deposit box service provider in the UK that offers an independently owned private safety box facility for storing your jewellery, documents and other valuables. We are located at a convenient-to-access location in the center of town.

A private organization which offers the services of safeguarding your valuables while ensuring complete safety and security of your personal items.

About The Service

Sentinel Vaults Ltd facility grants independent ownership of the safe deposit box for our customers. It is a reliable and secure private service that aims to bridge the gap between the supply and demand of safe deposit boxes in the UK.

Since many major banks have closed the service of private safety boxes, the need of such a facility today is more than ever before. Sentinel Vaults Ltd facilities are personalized, private and suffice the need of a highly-secure storage facility for valuables.

About the Facility

Our facility are monitored 24/7. It is a highly secure premises with state of the art security systems installed to ensure complete safety and security of your valuables. Our staff are CRB verified and our facilities are equipped with CCTV cameras, alarms and other security protocols.
There are private viewing rooms and all your personal identifiable information including finger prints, passwords and access codes are stored on secure data servers and your confidentiality is respected . Our staff are always there to help you throughout your visit at our centre.

About the Boxes

Purpose built highly secure safe deposit boxes are installed on our premises. We offer multiple sized boxes for storing your valuables, jewellery and documents at market competitive prices and insurance. For complete sizing and prices please check our pricing page here. Sizing and Pricing.

Access to your boxes can be granted any day of the week through personalized encrypted access cards to ensure your safety. Access is granted to verified person/persons only.