Confidentiality and Security Promised! Opening in 2021!
Confidentiality and Security Promised! Opening in 2021!

Get Your Account Opened the Same Day

How it Works

Account opening process at Sentinel Vaults Ltd is as simple as it can be. It requires just a few documents for verification and a visit to our centre. A box is allocated on the same day and you may start placing your valuables in it instantly.

Step 1: Please Visit Us

We invite you to visit our center where our staff will advice you on our policy and procedures.

Step 2: Required Documents

For verification purposes we require you to bring the following documents:

For Photographic Proof, please bring ANY ONE of the following document from the list below.

  • Valid (in-date) UK/EU Passport, Photo Driving License or a NON-EU Passport with UK VISA

For Proof of Address please bring ANY ONE document from any of the list below:

  • UTILITY BILLS/STATEMENTS no older than three months, bank statement, credit card statement, mortgage statement
  • OR ANY HMRC DOCUMENTS – less than 6 months old or dated within the current tax year including the notification of coding or demand, disabled persons tax credit, national insurance contribution account statement
  • OR ANY BENEFITS AGENCY – Notification – issued within the last twelve months and be valid
    for current or future benefits including, child benefit, working tax credit, child tax credit, and pension

Step 3: Allocation of your Box

After the process of verification and form filling is completed you are signed up for the facility. A box is allocated to you. We accept credit and debit card payments for the initial payments. you can pay for your box in one amount payment or pay monthly by DD.

Step 4: Accessing Your Box and storing your valuables

You are provided two keys for your box. We do not keep any other keys and you are the sole custodian of both your keys. It is urged that you keep your keys safe and use only one key while keeping the other at a secure place as a backup.

Step 5: Be Mindful About Your Deposits

you should keep a accurate record of the items in your box keeping photo’s of all items in your box for insurance purpose.

All Boxes are covered by insurance

You are welcome to visit our centre to find more about the boxes and rent the one that fits the size of your valuables.

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